After leaving my corporation, Avalon Secure Industries, looking for more military activities I joined The Secret Fleet, after speaking with the CEO and confirming my application I had to move to curse region, Angel Cartel region, asked my ship computer to show me the safest way to there, and it was 38 jumps, very long way, not just that but the way is full by pirates and dangerous areas, I even asked my ship computer again to make sure that’s the safest way, and got the same answer

I can’t take my Megathron to that place, that what I thought, not yet, so told my autopilot to go to Oursulaert, after few hours I was finally there, shopped around for a myrmidon until I found one for nice price, rigged it and headed out of the station with decent myrmidon, for such dangerous way I can’t just start up autopilot, so for more than 4 hours kept on navigation between stars, till I reached Camal, where received a message from the CEO telling me to give him my little myrmidon so he can jump it directly into AAM-1A, where the corp HQ is, the way to AAM-1A has no security at all, it’s 0.0 security space region, so I was afraid of heading to there in my pod while my myrmidon already in AAM-1A, few days of laziness passed before I decide to go all the way back to my home solar system, Aclan, to pick up one of the two powerful Megathrons.
The next morning I was in Aclan, the same smell I used to, walked to my hanger to check if I have something useful to my Megathron, and found out that I need a lot of shopping, so got myself into the pod, and undocked of the station to head to Oursulaert, again

After a few I was in Oursulaert, shopping for a fleet gangs fit, I had to go to Luminaire to pick up 3 armor plates, that’s when I saw this Caldari titan, was strange to see a titan there, not even a Gallente one, tried to figure out how come its in Gallente space, but it was nice to see such huge ship, very very huge, actually that was the first titan I saw, anyway after shopping headed back to curse region, the same long way, and after a while I was in Camal, the last solar system that has security in the way to AAM-1A, I knew it’s too dangerous to head to AAM-1A alone, but I did, jump after jump, and nothing happened, until I reached Doril, where I met my CEO, and he was like “Are you mad ?, traveling solo in 0.0 space ?”, well but what could I do at this point, I’m exactly in the middle of the way so I better keep heading forward, crossed Doril and in the next star gate while I’m looking around to make sure everything is safe I found this small fast ship, a tackler,..
My ship was still cloaked because of the jump, but it will decloak in few seconds, I had cloak device on the ship so I exactly after the ship decloaked I started the cloak device, but it was already too late, the tackler started targeting me, disabling the device, and in 2 seconds I was webbed and scrambled, in the next minute a battleship jumped through the gate in the same time I was asking for help from the alliance, in few minutes I was taking hull damage and my heavy drones were too slow to catch the tackler, but suddenly the tackler stopped targeting me, I couldn’t believe it, warped right away to the next star gate and left my drones behind, but the tackler was there in less than a second, kept trying to jump through the gate but I couldn’t because I attacked them back !, the tackler didn’t do anything just stayed there so I warped at 0 to a planet and cloaked before the tackler comes, but that was stupid because he warped at 0 too, my cloaking device stopped as the tackler was too close to me to cloak, he webbed and scrambled me again and waited for the battleship, but it never came, just many of my alliance members reached the system so he ran away, I couldn’t believe I didn’t lose my ship

In AAM-1A everything was stable, the alliance was keeping it well safe even it’s 0.0 space, few days passed without much interesting events, just some POS killing and defending in which I don’t have capital ship to join, until the CEO of the alliance announced that there’s big op next Sunday, and that he will not tell us the target until that day, so everyone got ready with Battleships fitted for fleet gangs, and the time finally came, we made the fleet and he announced the target, a carrier, as part of weakening our enemies we will attack this carrier to make big loss for them, we headed out and passed few systems before we enter the enemy territory, as we entered our tacklers caught a ship and we killed it in a blink of eye, before I get my drones down it was dead

We were big fleet, about 23 battleships, so the enemy started running away, most of them docked and we kept going around their systems to provoke them to fight us, but seems they were too scared to fight, all of them docked and none went out to face us, caught 2 more ships but after 4 hours of waiting we knew they will not fight, so we headed back to our territory to take a rest and make a new small fleet to attack them again, that’s where I didn’t go with them as most pilots, only fleet of 7 pilots went and they killed 9 of that red alliance pilots, which I see good enough as they weren’t even fighting.
Right now we are planning to take over Heaven constellation in a very big operation to extend our territories, we started few days ago and hoping to finish before large preparations get made by our enemies


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