Such long, long way,..
Since I started my career in the universe at curse region, so many things happened, curse was just a small start.
After about 2 months of living in curse region with my corporation kraftwerk alliance showed up, and they were too strong for my alliance, my corporation CEO noticed that so he decided to leave before we get cornered, & so we did, moving all the way to syndicate region, there I felt I’m home, gallentian space, close to my home solar system in sinq laison region & also close to the big trading solar system in essence region

As a corporation that seeks for wars we didn’t stay long there, & shortly after the CEO agreed an invitation from Dara Dothrom alliance to join them in cloud ring region, back there Dara Cothrom was an ally to Penumbra alliance who was controlling the whole region, but just after few days of joining Dara Cothrom, Dara made deal with Penumbra to buy the region from them, & so we launched a big operation to take control of the region without any big battles going on, after taking control of the stations & moving their ownership to Dara Cothrom, we started a long camping around the main systems of the region, & so for about 2 weeks most pilots who entered those system got killed, but that wasn’t enough for our enemies to fear us as they gathered their forces in a nice battleships fleet to attack our POSes as the 1st step of dropping our ownership over the main systems, but it didn’t take long for our spies to get the information to us, & so we had got a mothership & about 10 carriers waiting in the main POS, while about 40 battleships waiting 150 KM away of the star gate with sniping weapons on, and that wasn’t all as the little fast ceptors had control of the carrier fighters and swarming the gate at close range, still I was afraid as we heard that our enemies are more than 100 pilots.

Time kept passing and no one showed up except some small fleets which were fun to kill, so I went back to the station & called it a night, but shortly after the enemy fleet arrived and thanks to the great fleet commander we had, most of them got killed, & that was enough to prove that Dara Cothrom isn’t an easy prey, & so weeks & weeks passed of small & big battles here & there, until my corporation CEO decided to leave Dara alliance for reasons I did not know, it was strange as Dara was in a good shape & had many allies, but we left and the CEO decided to go all the way south to stain region.

But by that time there was massive war between goonswarm alliance and band of brothers alliance, and as stain region was just between those two, it was too dangerous for me, it was a place I would not afford staying in it, so I decided to not go specially that there was that new discover, the wormholes, so the corporation dropped my ships in aclan, my home solar system, and continued their journey to stain region.

There I started to explore the wormholes, & they took me to that strange world of unexplored systems, but soon I went back to aclan and became more & more lazy until my CEO told everyone that the corporation will merge into another one, and they moved from stain to curse region, & also Dara Cothrom lost cloud ring region to mostly harmless alliance, so I decided to take a long break and spend my time in a calm station in the beautiful system, aclan


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