!Graphics gone mad

Yesterday was really great day, mainly for 3 reasons, 1. that I finally finished my exams, 2. the fun I had with my friends, 3. for watching Avatar, and here’s little bit of details

Well as for the exam, it was easy & simple, and seems I did well this term, anyway we -my friends & me- had agreed to have a nice day right after the exam, and so there were Ahmed, another Ahmed, Diana, Sameh, me, and you know, the rest of guys & gals I don’t even know!, it was so extremely cold though, and I smelled my city winter’s scent, which is so lovely even when the weather is way too cold

However to keep us active Ahmed suggested taking some photos, so we took some at the library, the scene is amazing there, & got some photos with that japanese guy & the 3 cute girls with him, dunna why the japanese girls -well the japanese guys too but it’s more with the girls- always seem to be 15 years old to me, I mean, even if they’re older than me, you get the point anyway, well, so after the photos fun, a lil launch and a Costa’s, it was already just about time to head to the cinema

Ok so in front of the cinema we were trying to decide, Sherlock Holmes, or Avatar, and some even suggested klemnii shokran or w/e, which is basically just another stupid movie, and so it was Avatar, depending on it’s great reputation, and I’m telling you, this movie is


The graphic is unbelievable, it’s way better than anything I’ve seen before, ever!, well some might say the story isn’t too great, kinda duplicated, but come on, that linking thingy, and with such graphic, that movie just hit the top of my list, as the best movie ever =D, I mean we & everyone got amazed, after the movie end, people were walking like zombies, they were like WAT ZA!!, I myself got totally into the movie, with every sense I have, it was like having a out-of-body experience, in some timeless world xD

So, everyone that didn’t watch the movie, you should do for your own sake, life without watching that movie would be pointless =P, oh and try to watch it with the 3D glasses, just to get the most enjoyment out of it, anyway, in the next post I’ll try to do a somewhat fair review, but you can see I’m already crazy about it

Btw, I’ll be back to continue the quantum articles in about a week, there’s 2 to finish, just getting sometime for myself 1st


* الصورة بالمنتصف من تصوير سارة.


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