Goonswarm disbanded

A year ago, when Band Of Brothers alliance got disbanded by a Goonswarm’s spy who managed to be one of the alliance’s leaders, stealing 3 trillion ISK along the way, a friend asked me : what could possibly be more stupid than losing cause of a spy

Well, now we have the answer, getting disbanded BY YOURSELF, and we have that answer now thanks to the great drama show Goons just did, the two main leaders were on vacation, and they forgot to pay for the upkeep, boom, 30 solar systems were out of their control, in which 3 of them are very fundamental to control Delve region, specially NOL-M9

But hey, that’s not all about it yet, there’s even more stupidity, the leaders were still on vacation while their alliance’s falling apart, and some random guy decided to flame them, and to give up Delve, Querious, and Period Basis regions to whoever want to take them, and head back to Syndicate

And while doing so, most of the cooperations within Goons left, causing great chaos, which led a super-carrier to get killed just because a simple mistake, and rest of their capitals flight is cornered somewhere in MO-GZ5 I guess

So simply, here’s the political map at 02/02, and here it is at 05/02, a year ago, Goonswarm managed to totally destroy Band Of Brothers, they tried to form again in Kenkezu, but they disbanded again because Goonswarm were putting heavy pressure on them, few months ago, the old BOB-ians cooperations formed IT alliance, which is typically the new BOB, and by a little mistake, they got their space back, just like that, without a war, without even one battle

Now what !, Goons are back to Syndicate, and they are planning to invade Cloud Ring region, of all the galaxy they happened to choose my region to invade, ok, fine, whatever, I didn’t want that space anyway!, back to Aclan, AGAIN =S


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