My lil Rosy

Rose, Rosy or Rosette* is my kitten, my sweet little kitten, she’s half way to be a cat now =P, I have her since she’s only 3 weeks old, back there her body was so tiny and adorable ~~!, but the thing is kittens grow up faster than you can notice, so she’s like 3 times bigger than how she was when I got her

Rose, as all other kittens, has some really weird, funny, odd and cranky mood, which can be kind of explained in the next

When she wants to show me her love, she starts by scratching her body with mine, then she trys to get to my hand, or my face, to touch it with her face, and to even show more love, she bites my hand, or my nose =D

When she wakes up early, and she feels hungry, she comes to my bed and keep meowing until I wake up

When she smells a pizza, she tries to pile it!, because of its smell she thinks it’s some dirty thing =P

She thinks her picture in the mirror is another cat!, she attacks the mirror sometimes

She doesn’t know that her tail is part of her body, all the time she tries to bite it!, like seriously bite it

When someone’s home, she shows that she’s happy by running all around the house =D

She never sleeps alone, specially in winter, she hates feeling cold

She likes to eat indomie, lick walls, and drink *cough*blood*cough* *cough* xD

And there’s too many other moves which would require recording a video to explain them, so that would be all, wishing sweet dreams for everyone, and for rosy too, oh, she does dream =P

l* That would be different than Rose, Rosy or Rosette as in one of my best friends, that’s Rosy the kitten


4 تعليقات to “My lil Rosy”

  1. loyalty Says:

    in this part

    ” When she wakes up early, and she feels hungry, she comes to my bed and keep meowing until I wake up ”

    she is soo cute, like a small child <3

  2. FAR...CRY Says:

    Yup ~~

    She’s a little child that never cries, which is -for me- better than normal children =D
    Really love her

  3. vamprita Says:

    الله يخليها لك ^^

  4. FAR...CRY Says:

    بإذن الله تظل حتى أموت (A) ،، زهر لكِ سيرين.

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