Home Alone, Day : 5

Diary of the Lost Pirate

It’s the 5th day since they left me in this island -my house =P-, I’m running out of food, but I get the water from a mysterious source that seems to never run out!, and there’s a short creature with a lot of hair over it’s body, so far it’s living peacefully with me, but I know I got to be careful, anyway the only problem seems to be is the food

Three days ago, while I was walking around the island I remembered that I saw those who left me here using a weird device that let them speak to someone that’s not in the same island!, and oh, few minutes after remembering that I found the odd device!, holding it, I had no idea who to call, so I just picked up a name and called

Me : hi ~~
The name : hello! =3
Me : you have any idea about making food ?
The Name : eh, oh, yea, a little, why ?
Me : I’m home alone, tell me a recipe
The Name : what do you have over there ?

So for the next three days after this little phon~*ehm* weird device call until now, I’ve been living on the mysterious water source, the strange voice that’s coming out of the device, and a hell load of uncooked food, and it’s really fun to do that tell-me-a-recipe way, once it gets screwed and the result tastes bad, another it tastes even better than the normal

And as for the little short creature, it’s still friendly day after another, I think she has always been on the island, for the last 4 months at least, anyway so go the days over the island, behold you outsiders for the Return of the Lost Pirate =D


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