of Spies, Intel and Covert Ops

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The time was almost midnight, 10 pm GMT, and it was the decided time to change the sovereignty of 9-4RP2 solar system to my alliance, which has one of the only 3 stations in cloud ring region, add to that this system is the only way to XZH-4X, which also has another station and one of the most negative sec status on the region, which means it’s a rich system.l

Taking the sovereignty was because my alliance bought that space from our allies, and the operation went smooth and easy, but after changing it, the way more important operation started, which is protecting our space as our allies left and went to the south, and the sovereignty level was still 1, so enemies around us would for sure try to test if we are easy target, our leaders decided to do a 24h per day ready-to-kill gang, with scouts at FQ9W-C, G8AD-C AND O-BDXB, and prevent anyone from going out side of those systems, even that we had control of the 6ON-RW constellation.l

The first few days were too quiet, in a weird way, and finally by the end of the third day we got intel that tomorrow a big fleet combined of 3 alliances which are enemies to us are going to desend upon 9-4RP2 to attack our control towers, and the intel didn’t say anymore, we didn’t know the exact number, neither who are they, so we didn’t know which way they will come from too, the leaders of the alliance put my coopration leader, Sodo, as the commander, and Sodo is a very experienced commander.l

He decided to use sniper battleships, to stay 150 km off the gate, and to prevent their fleet from warping away or so, he called all carrier pilots to stay at one of the towers, and to assign their fighters to other pilots, those other pilots were in small, fast ships, some of them were able to drop bubbles, which stops the warping drivers, and after considering the fighters with them too, they were deadly, hard to die, ships, with a huge support from the sniper battleships fleet.l

It was my shift in scouting, and I was scouting FQ9W-C in a small covert op ship, cloaked at the gate to 9-4RP2, after few hours of boring scouting, I shouted in the voice communication : l

Me : $%*#, 200 reds in FQ, I repeat, 200 reds in FQ, waiting orders.
Sodo : Farcry, head to 6Z9 gate and try to scan them down, everyone else be at your positions.l

So I warped to the gate, but while still in warp, they all jumped out :l

Me : They jumped out of FQ, didn’t have time to scan, are they in 9-4 ?l
Sodo : No, so they jumped back to 6Z9, Farcry head back to XZH and use the jump bridge to 60N and try to find them, Saalen, scout FQ.l

So I found them staying near a planet in FQ, Sodo ordered me to head to XZH from 60N again, leave my covert op ship and get my battleship with sniper fitting to join the sniper fleet, and they were fast in giving me all the safe spots which are 150 km away of the gate, and the fast ships fleet with the fighters assigned to them were at the gate, at 0 km, but even after 2 hours the enemy’s fleet didn’t attack yet.l

Some pilots left, and the alert was getting loose, so Sodo tried to get it up again, at that the scout in FQ reported that they’re heading to 9-4 gate, and in few seconds they jumped in, Sodo was with the fast ships fleet and he was calling primaries like hell, their battleships were really melting down, even that we were out numbered 4 to 1, Sodo and his fleet kept them at the gate with the bubbles, while the snipers fleet kept warping from a safe spot to another, and raining fire into their ships, finally we lost only 3 frigate-size ships, and they lost their fleet!l

After the battle, we found out that they fitted the battleships with an agility fit, which is odd since battleships are fat and slow, but well, thanks to them, we got some nice kills.l


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