Harbinger of Death

Yet another great story, an amazing fan-made short movie, by using Unreal 3 engine he released this beautiful peace of art, here’s the whole thing, part one, and part two.l

As he said, it took him 7 months, and 700 cans of Red Bull to make it!, but it worth it, I was stunned by that part of the story-telling :l

In the academy, they tell you it only hurts for a moment, and then you wake up,..
As if it was all a dream .. But its not a dream, its unnatural.
The flood of data, your training, your family, your first kiss,..
Downloaded in milliseconds, and then .. you’re you again.
But those people, they don’t get the civility, they’re dead, and they won’t be waking up.
It didn’t have to end this way.l

It’s shameful for us, immortal riders of heavens, to never think about those beings, even that they’re humans, but they’re not immortal, they just can’t afford having pods and flying over there, and our actions as pilots, lead them to simply fade away, without waking up in a station, when they lose their bodies, they just die.l


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