!NC vs. SC, finally

A new northern war is starting to rage, a war that might become the largest to date, Northern Coalition alliances are hitting hard, and just lately, Southern Crusaders did one big hit too, that’s what that screen shot is about.l

The screenie is supposed to be for a NC station, but well, it’s bubbled all the way to hell. Date :10/5. Even that I’m a NCian, but this, this is lame, totally lame. Where the heck is Goons anyway!, that might go on to be the largest war in New Eden, this is The War, NC vs. SC, and Goons aren’t showing up ?, I mean, what possibly could be more odd ?l

Well, now to think about it, didn’t they have some space in Cloud Ring ?, where’s did they go ?, not like they matter that much, but they’re fine trollers, but NC is, or more accurate, was, doing well, until 10/5, a sudden 146 billions are gone, someone must be really crying, I really hope NC will do something about it, soon!. Can’t wait to see more of this.l

Edit : After SC invaded H-W. Bringing everything they had and the kitchen sink, H-W was put under siege. SBU were placed and the station services were shot down seriously hampering the docked pilots. The SC then started to take all POS down into reinforced. NC fleetcommand scrambled to an emergency meeting while all pilots were put on hold to the jabber king. Scouts went out to gather enemy intel while fleetcommand under high pressure came up with an escape plan.l

With the station completly bubbled with large T2 mobile warp disruptors and the SC busy taking down the NC towers, the order came to undock from the station. Taking very high losses the forces of freedom broke free from the trap. With our fleet free but under very laggy conditions our fleetcomanders started up the train. After taking down all enemy fences a cage was placed over the enemy towers to prevent any of them to leave the system. At this moment the last POS are coming down. Several entrapped capital pilots together with remains of the logistic fleet were scanned down and podded out. The SC in this moment is in a state of shock, specially that they lost a titan. SC is beginning to feel the burden.l


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