Southern Coalition .. pwned

I am going to start off first by saying IT pilots are such waste of the server CPU. Lets take it from the worst thing first, the H-W9TY fiasco. The attack on H-W was never supposed to have happened, the original plan involved camping down H-W on the morning of the 9th to keep as much of the NC pilots contained while a smaller but capitals heavy group of forces went off sbuing/reinforcing stuff all over pb/fade. One of the straining points of the plan was that it was all created on a rather hasty whim by SirMolle on a Thursday night after a number of his FC’s and best grunts started to scream at him for action or they were leaving.l

So how did they end up sieging H-W instead!, I have no idea to be perfectly honest, but whatever happened, happened and by the time the day was through it seemed Molle had some misguided conception that he could camp H-W in a PR-8 style as Goons/NC had done to BoB before the fall of Delve. The only problem was he failed to realize the details in that when PR-8 was camped up, it was like 25 alliances vs his mainly 2 alliances -IT/Triple A- whereas H-W was their collective 6-8 alliances vs NC blob’s however many alliances. Worst yet there was little to no success to date on their part to demoralize/fracture NC numbers, so when H-W was threatened, it was like walking into a bear cave in the middle of winter and popping off a few rounds for lols then sticking around to see if you get eaten or not. Well ladies, they got eaten.l

This campaign was so stupid it even cost ATLAS their first titan loss after 3 years, sure it was going to happen eventually, but well. The whole idea of logging capitals off in H-W was a ludicrously stupid plan. Actually the entirety of this NC campaign is and has been a joke, it never materialized as was envisioned and the sooner everyone of SC involved realizes that the less stupid everyone will look. ATLAS retreated and they don’t seem to care what people think about them for pulling out but they went home. Seems some of the allies they care about know they are leaving and understand, while the rest of them, well that’s really only IT, ATLAS don’t really care what they think. The only thing this campaign has proven among the SC alliances, is to never let IT lead another campaign.l


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