I’ve been up for much in EVE. Since I came back to it about a month ago I just kept doing missions, too many of them. Also tried the new planetary interaction and I liked it so much that I have 10 planets right now making a full chain up to Integrity Response Drones. But when I reached few billions of isk just of missions yes I’m rich!- I just really felt I should try something new.l

It happened that I always have had interest in wormholes ever since they came out the last year -actually I like the teaser more- and it was about time to take a step and do it, so I sent a message to me CEO to tell him I’m going to leave the corporation and started checking the recruiting forum until I found what seems like a really nice corporation which is settled in a class 5 wormhole solar system with a static class 4 wormhole so I entered their public channel. Minutes after, I was already accepted.l

Spent the next day moving my planetary materials out of low security systems, and bought few ships and some ammo. Lucky enough there was an entrance to the wormhole system, a pilot offered to move my ships while the CEO scouted me into the system. I’m really excited about this as such a wormhole system wouldn’t only be so much fun, but really good isk too, I still know next to nothing about life in there but I guess I’ll be pretty much busy learning that!. Time to kill some sleepers.l


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